2020 Fall Sales

Fall Sale Coordinator: Connie Hodgeman
Fall Sale Cupboard:  Alisa Rees 


Helpful Links:

Important Dates

Oct 3        M2 website opens, Digital Day

Oct 3-24   Initial orders taken

Oct 25      Troop orders due, SU will review orders

Nov 4-8    Nuts & candy pick-up, more information as date approaches

Nov 22     M2 website closes by 11:59pm

Important Information

  • Troop must have turned in their TFR to participate

  • All girls, leaders and Fall Sales managers must be registered for the current Girl Scout year

  • All adults helping with the sale need to be volunteer screened.

  • ****ALL participating troops must take training. Go to the Launch Page at https://training.gsnorcal.org/course/view.php?id=193

Resources for Sellers & Parents


Fall Sales